22 Love Quotes – Sad

  • It’s killing me to know … You are still online after saying ‘bye’.
  • You know what hurts more than losing you? That, You were least bothered of losing me…
  • It all felt so genuine. Your promises, your presence, your touch and your lying eyes…
  • Every now and then, I face this dilemma, to keep loving you or to let you go…
  • I want to thank you for the love you planted in me. For I was a barren land, now , without you I will forever be…
  • Days turned into weeks. Weeks turned into months. Time is just sailing in its ship. And here I am, Still waiting…
  • The summer reminds me of you by the way I felt your warmth. The rain reminds me of you by the way you showered your love. The winter reminds me of you, the way you left me cold heartedly.
  • Those eyes, they spoke hundred lies…and I believed each one of them.
  • It hurts to see you ‘online’. I remembered you told me that you are working
  • I cried, I argued, I easily got jelous, But My mistake, I never begged you to stay.
  • You said you’ll never leave and I believed.
  • The thought of your kisses gave me goosebumps…Now, It brings only tears.
  • It’s such a heartbreak to know that the love you ever desired is drifting away from you. And all you could do is nothing but just wait and watch your life as it falls apart.
  • The innocence in your eyes made me believe in everything you said… I wonder, why am I still in love?
  • The memory of the warmth of your lips on mine… sends a shiver of loneliness through my spine.
  • I was so unaware not to know, that I was your temporary connection in the virtual world.
  • Oh, my darling! My angel eyes, the depth of my heart could only be filled with you love, I am waiting in desperation, I am still waiting.
  • In our game of love, we both lost each other.
  • Black shiny hair, shimmery eyes, rosy cheeks, glossy lips, curvy body, long legs, you have everything my baby, Everything. Hope you had a heart.
  • No doubt I love you more than anything but I am tired of begging for your attention.
  • Can’t bear the pain of your silence.
  • My head says ‘block’. My heart says ‘unblock’. I am tired of convincing them both. I am too tired for anything…
  • I have promised myself that I wont cry… Long before you think of leaving me I will retract my steps so I can save my soul from shattering.
  • Darling! Where is your enthusiasm, the one which you had on the first day or have you started taking me for granted?
  • The beloved… You keep thinking about has forgotten about you.
  • From day and night calls to waiting for a reply… Our love suffered.
  • Plenty of fish in the sea, but you hooked up with me… Why?
  • ‘Thanking you’ for the love you showered on me. Without it, I was a desert. Without it I am a desert.
  • Just Spend some time with me to make me feel special…
  • My heart is all scattered and each shard is screaming your name.
  • Darling! Don’t come back, I’ve moved on… I guess.
  • It all felt so genuine, Your promises, Your presence, Your touch AND Your Lying Eyes…
  • Hey! You there… Yes, you. I am missing you af.
  • It hurts to know that I was just an option for you.
  • Every night I lay awake in your thoughts. Everyday I miss you like never before.
  • Sometimes all I feel is an unbearable stinging pain of the distance between us.
  • I had a delusion that your heart belonged to me.
  • Love gives courage to fly, For me, I can’t with my broken wings.
  • With or without you, I have decided to smile!
  • Sorry! My mistake… I kept loving you even after realizing that I am an option for you.
  • Am I the only one who feels that we should stay together forever?
  • The pain of us in love but not able to feel each other …is unbearable.
  • Please stay with me. At least in my dreams.
  • So much of silence outside, still why can’t you hear my screaming heart.
  • My life was better off alone, you came, conquered my heart and left me …. baffled and scrambled.
  • They say, prayers are always answered. I pray that you find love you deserve and it stays.
  • Eventually… The turmoil inside me will stop with my last breath.
  • It’s been long our lips didn’t meet.
  • I thought you will be there to catch me, if I fall in love…
  • Hug me tight and caress me with your lips, this is all I want, this is all I want, this is all I ever needed…
  • You used to top my heart’s list. Now not even my insta story’s list.
  • With your no reply, so much changed in just one day…
  • I lost my smile when you abandoned me somewhere on the way.
  • No, Not this time. I won’t look into your irresistible innocent eyes. They deceive.
  • Then, sleepless nights loving you. Now, sleepless nights missing you.
  • I want you to know that I am not happy without you, I just pretend to be…
  • My feelings are not your puppet, still you play with them.
  • Still, aching for you.
  • I am searching for myself after losing you.
  • An un-explainable emptiness surrounds me from inside out. … I miss you.
  • People call it insomnia, I call it ‘hope’, waiting late night to get a message from you.
  • The fiery stinging pain from inside can only be ceased by your touch.
  • I have seen in those eyes, the love I craved for. I guess they are good at faking it.
  • You left me a long back but you never left my heart, head and soul…
  • It’s over we both know. But I am still hoping.
  • Let me gather the courage to pick up my broken pieces without hurting myself.
  • Thank you for making me a poet. If you wouldn’t have left, I never would have.
  • I was in my loneliness, wandering aimlessly. Then you happened and I started setting my goals. Now, that you left, it’s just me and your memories.
  • No call, no messages, no reply and here I am missing you like crazy.
  • The feelings for you were dead. Then we just met again…
  • The talks and kisses we shared. It’s killing me to know that you are sharing it with someone else.
  • Convince my heart that you never fell in love with me.
  • I imagine you next to me when I lay awake. It gives me both ‘pleasure’ and ‘pain’ you promised me of.

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