24 Things Children Need To Be Taught By Their Parents.

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  1. Go to bed early at night and get up early in the morning.
  2. Sit quietly in one place for at least 5/10 minutes, stay focussed.
  3. Get in the habit of sitting, reading, writing, studying for one to two hours at a stretch.
  4. Get in the habit of listening to good and necessary suggestions and thinking about them.
  5. Talk to the little ones and the elderly in the house, communicate and Share your thoughts.
  6. Expressing your views with family members, teachers, colleagues and friends.
  1. To cultivate the idea that education is not just about getting a job and earning money but also about being able to live as a human being.
  2. Learn to earn if not getting a job.
  3. Should be taught to respect everyone in your family as well as in the society.
  4. Teaching to always have a positive and optimistic outlook on life.
  5. You need to learn to compete by looking at your abilities, avoid unnecessary competition.
  6. Teaching them to do things in a different manner and to swim against the tide.
  1. Enhancing the ability to make good decisions by thinking about what is good and what is bad.
  2. To verify what is true and what is false and to follow the path of truth.
  3. Understanding what is right and what is wrong in practical terms.
  4. Trying to verify on the basis of facts and experimentation, not superstition.
  5. Limited use of mobile phone, TV, Social media.
  6. Make it a habit to do household chores with interest.
  1. Avoid underestimating and criticizing others for no reason.
  2. Everyone has one or the other good qualities in them, try to acquire them.
  3. Marks are not so important as your character is.
  4. Read out the letter written by Abraham Lincoln to his headmaster at least once a week and explain its meaning.
  5. The price of a hard-earned penny is far more precious than earning lakhs by wrong deeds.
  6. Learning good English doesn’t make you smart, but learning values and good practices do.

Nowadays, it is necessary to pursue this and similar education, and only then will the student become omnipotent and will be able to live a satisfied life.

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