21 Bored Of Studying Quotes

Studying is interesting, said no one ever.

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21 Bored Of Studying Quotes
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Studying is boring

The only thing worse than being bored is studying.

Studying is boring

Everyone tells me to study hard while I hardly study.

Studying is boring -insomnia

The only solution for insomnia is to start studying a book.

coffee and boring study

No amount of coffee can keep me awake while studying.

boring maths

Can someone make something like ‘Interesting Mathematics?’

boring studies

Study for 5 mins and it feels like an eternity.

boring studies sleepy

Me trying to focus.

boring studies

I could be the topper, but studying is so boring.

i am bored

I am bored!

distracted by mobile

When you are trying to study and your mobile keeps distracting you!

boring studies

I will start studying seriously from tomorrow.

drawing, not studying

My drawing skills are because of my compulsory study timings.

sleeping cat

Whenever I study…

boring studies

Bored of studying.

boring studies

Studying is boring.

tired of writing

Someone, Help me!

boring studies

Keep calm, I am trying to study.

boring studies

Y Study so boring?

facial expression  and boring studies

My face when I am studying.

playing pubg

I really should be studying.

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