I never knew Diwali Snacks can make you think like this…

Diwali Food Special

Wish You A Very Happy Diwali

Even if your relations are shattered under pressure, you are best when you are united.

Laddu, Laddoo or Avinsh

Beauty does not matter, Happiness matters. No matter how complicated your life is, Stay juicy and sweet

Jalebi, Jilapi, Zulbia, Mushabak and Zalabia

It doesn’t matter how much your sadness squeezed the life out of you. Bounce back to your happy and sweet mood!

Rasgulla, Roshogolla or Rasagola

Little efforts add to a big success, Keep making positive efforts.


Being soft-hearted is not a weakness! It makes you more human.


If you have a friend who is tough on the outside but soft on the inside, treasure them.

Gujiya, Karanji or sweet deep-fried Dumpling

You may or may not be in perfect shape but remember everyone loves you!

Burfi, Burfee, Borfee, Borfi, Kesri Pedha, Kaju Katli or Pista Barfi.

Even if life is rough and nothings going straight, enjoy the ride.

Chakali, Chakri or Chakkuli

We all are different but Together we can make a difference.

Chivda, Bombay mix or Chanachur or Chiwda

When you are been tested beyond your abilities, you come out to be the best.


Not everyone is rich enough to own diamonds.

Shankarpali, shakkarpara, khurma, laktho or lakdi mithai.

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