Why Flowers Are So Important In Religious Ceremonies?


Red roses in Christianity stand for a sign of Christ’s blood or as a symbol of love.

Jesus christ  and red roses

White lily in Christianity symbolizes Christ’s purity and divinity. They are also sometimes used in conjunction with references to the Virgin Mary for Her own purity.

virgin mary and white lily n rose

The star shape of the Poinsettia flowers is said to represent the Star of Bethlehem.

Jesus and star of Bethlehem


Roses are chosen for marriages and funerals along with a variety of palm leaves.

quran n rose

Muslims associate olive trees with Paradise.

olive text

Leaves and flowers from the henna plant signify good fortune and fertility.

qaran and henna hand


Lord Shiva loves Datura, Dry lotus, Nerium Oleander flower, etc.

shiva and dhatura

Goddess Lakshmi sits on lotus, its a symbol of fertility, youthfulness, and beauty.

lakshmi and lotus

Marigold garlands are very commonly used in the Hindu religion.

Goddess Saraswati is associated with Indian Magnolia (Champaka)

saraswati and champaka


Lotus in Buddhism is a symbol of purity and spiritual elevation.

lotus meditation


Olive trees represent beauty, peace, prosperity, and God’s relationship with His people.

olive tree

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