5 Best Apps To Replace WhatsApp.


WhatsApp has updated its privacy policy, making all the data of WhatsApp available to Facebook.
You either have to accept the terms and conditions or stop using WhatsApp.
So what options do you have if you do not want to continue with WhatsApp?
You may have to choose some other platform to communicate.
There are n numbers of the app in the market you can use. We have shortlisted five apps for you.

1) Signal App: Its design is simple, fast, and secure. It supports end-to-end encryption that means a third party cannot read your chats not even signal.
It has a better video calling quality.

Signal app

2) Wire App: Its end to end encrypted with an impressive speed. The only drawback is, there are very few users in India using the Wire app for communicating.

wire app

3) Telegram and Telegram X: It supports an end to end encryption. It has multiple device support. It’s too heavy to work faster so we have telegram X that is the lighter version of telegram.

telegram app
telegram x app

4) Snapchat: For the older generation and new users it can be a bit confusing. It’s fast, messages vanish once read. Sharing chat in the form of photos, videos and texting are easy.
It also supports an end to end encryption. Many of your contacts or younger people are already using it.

snapchat app

5) Hike: It’s an interesting way of messaging. Its sticker suggestion feature is awesome. Chats back up are encrypted but not the chat of the app. Hike is making itself a social connecting platform.
You can use hike land to play games while chatting with your friends or watch a video together.

hike app

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