Food to Boost Your Immunity During Corona

Amidst Corona lockdown, all we need is to keep our immunity intact. Vitamin C is one of the immunity-boosting nutrients. Most of us know only oranges and lemons as a source of vitamin C. So, let’s add some more fruits and vegetables.For adults, the recommended daily quantity for vitamin C is 65 to 90 mgContinue reading “Food to Boost Your Immunity During Corona”

Panghat Lyrics (Official Teaser) – Roohi

Bahot kathin hai dagar panghat ki…Bahot kathin hai dagar panghat ki… Zulmi badi aukat peYee raat aayi haiMann to hai mera paawanMagar yauvan harjayi haiHo kaise ho milan baanke piya seJaan meri atkiBahot kathin hai dagar panghat ki…Pan pan pan panghat kiPan pan pan panghat kiPan pan pan panghat kiBahot kathin hai dagar panghat ki…Continue reading “Panghat Lyrics (Official Teaser) – Roohi”

National Science Day 2021

National Science Day is celebrated on 28th February. It commemorates the discovery of the Raman Effect. On this day, Sir CV Raman had announced the discovery of the Raman Effect for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in the year 1930. Here are some quotes dedicated to him and his contributions. “IContinue reading “National Science Day 2021”

Lut Gaye TEASER Lyrics – Emraan Hashmi and Yukti

Gulshan Kumar and T-Series presents Bhushan Kumar’s breathtaking new song “Lut Gaye (song teaser)” by “Tanishk Bagchi “. Read Full lyrics here. Maine jab dekha tha tujhkoRaat bhi woh yaad hai mujhkoTaare ginte ginte so gayaDil mera dhadka tha kas keKuchh kaha tha toone hans keMain usi pal tera ho gayaAasmano pe jo Khuda haiUsContinue reading “Lut Gaye TEASER Lyrics – Emraan Hashmi and Yukti”

Valentine’s Day 2021

Saint Valentine’s Day/Feast of Saint Valentine is popularly known as Valentine’s Day, is celebrated annually. Although the origins of Valentine’s Day are dark and gloomy, on February 14, People all over America celebrate love and friendship by exchanging cards, flowers, and candies.Over time Valentine’s Day has become the ‘day of lovers’. Happy Valentine’s Day. YouContinue reading “Valentine’s Day 2021”

Valentine’s Week – Kiss Day 2021

A kiss is a commitment, a gesture of love, a ray of hope for two people in love. A loving kiss makes you forget all your pain and makes your heart happy. In this Valentine’s week, especially on this kiss day, don’t forget to tell your beloved how much you love them with a peckContinue reading “Valentine’s Week – Kiss Day 2021”

Valentine’s Week – Hug Day 2021

A hug makes you feel wanted, loved, and cared for. What’s better than having a hug from your beloved. Here are some feelings and images for you to tell your darling how much their hug is desired. Happy Hug Day. The best feeling is to have you in my arms all day, every day. IContinue reading “Valentine’s Week – Hug Day 2021”

Valentine’s Week – Promise Day 2021

It’s said that promise what you can fulfill and fulfill more than what you have promised. For the couples out there, here are some images to download and share with their partners to make them love you more. Happy Promise Day! I promise to stand by you and love you unconditionally. I promise you, IContinue reading “Valentine’s Week – Promise Day 2021”

Valentine’s Week – Teddy Day 2021

Teddy is the other name of cuteness, comfort and a partner who is always there no matter what! Happy Teddy Day! You are my little cute doll and I am your teddy bear!! Baby, you are so cute and cuddly. Sending you all my love wrapped in a bear hug. Have a cuddly day! YouContinue reading “Valentine’s Week – Teddy Day 2021”

Valentine’s Week – Chocolate Day 2021

Cut to the chase, here are some fresh quotes and pics for your beloved! Happy Chocolate Day! You are an addiction like a chocolate coated cake. A chocolate for a chocolaty person. You make me happy, just like chocolates. Umm… I love dark chocolates. Chocolates are my second favourite, you still the first. Let shareContinue reading “Valentine’s Week – Chocolate Day 2021”

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