Some Awesome Quotes from Bombay Begums

Bombay Begums Quotes

One of the controversial web series on Netflix. Pooja Bhatt has done a wonderful job. Five determined women of Mumbai from various walks of life steer their way about their dreams, desires, and disappointments.

Some women are born to rule.

Bombay begums

Some women secretly aspire to be queen.

Bombay begums dialogue

Her closet is not just full of saris but zillions of secrets.

Bombay begums web series

Survival is a battle for every woman.

Bombay begums quotes

If your marriage can’t withstand your success, then it’s not worthwhile.

Bombay begums controversy

Society is unable to see beyond our bodies and our choices.

Bombay begums pooja bhatt

The memory is truth itself…And the truth is best not denied.

Bombay begums netflix

I don’t want to just hold on to the past to figure out the present.

Bombay begums

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