15 Powerful Sense 8 Quotes

We are born into this world the same way we shall leave it; alone.

It’s true we grew up in separate worlds, but the only world I want to live in is one we can be together.

Sooner or later, we all have to pay.

Who can say if it is we who make the choice, or the choice that makes us?

Absolutely amazing to me how lives can span generations in something as simple as a recipe or something as complex as DNA.

We make choices… and life has a way of making us pay for them.

Saying Goodbye was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

Some beginnings are endings… and some endings become beginnings.

In a works such as this, the most precious thing a man can find is loyalty.

Life is a big trap of made up of little traps.

Your life is either defined by the system or by the way you defy the system.

Feelings and emotions can overwhelm our logic, and at the same time logic can ruin the emotions that make life worth living.

Sometimes, all we need is a bit of time.

Love is a bridge and not a wall, if we let it be.

Choice is less about what happens than it is about how we deal with it.

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